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The American Mulefoot Hog: The Opposite of Conventional and Why It Is Worth Saving
Apr. 15, 2014
For the Lockhart Family Farm, the American Mulefoot Hog is the perfect pig. The woodland farm has little pasture and lots of brush. One of the hardiest swine breeds, the Mulefoot has a long bristly black coat and an exceptional layer of fat to help them withstand even the harshest conditions. Their non-cloven hoofs makes them especially suited for wet and marshy ground, but makes it very difficult to keep them on hard surfaces. With relatively small litters of 5-6, they are fantastic mothers. The sad thing is that these unique characteristics that make it suited to our farm are some of the reasons it has nearly been driven it to extinction.

The Uniquely American Cocktail
Apr. 3, 2014
What could be more Slow Food than the cocktail? To this day I can only name one other authentically American endeavor that makes the grade — barbecue. Since I was invited to help announce the launch of Slow Food USA’s latest campaign, please humor me as I simply focus on the origins of the cocktail.


Fox Squirrel Farms
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Jason and Sarah Smith never dreamed they’d be farmers. They now own 13 acres of land where they grow vegetables and cut flowers and are diving into livestock with a multispecies rotational grazing system.
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The Historic Gastronomist: Giving Recipes an Afterlife
By Storyteller Liza de Guia of Food.Curated.
Meet Sarah Lohman. She’s not a professional cook nor a historian. Yet what she is passionate about involves both cooking and history.
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