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The Slow Meat Guide to Super Bowl Shopping
Jan. 29, 2015
Let the Humaneitarian shepherd you through the world of humane hot dogs and better Buffalo Wings.

Tell Stadiums To Up Their Game With #Nose2Tailgate
Jan. 27, 2015
On Sunday, football fans at the big game will eat four miles of hot dogs. And that's only at one stadium.


Meet a Just Food Farmer: Green Thumb Organic Farm
Bill Hasley is the farmer at Green Thumb Farm in Watermill, NY. His family has been farming the same land since 1700
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A Reason to Kiss the Sea: Montauk Pearl Oysters
Meet Mike Martinsen and Mike Doall, a commercial fisherman and marine biologist who’ve teamed up to give back to their community and pay respect to the Earth…
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Growing Cities
Growing Cities is an inspiring film about urban farming in America. It tells the stories of community activists, rooftop farmers, and backyard beekeepers who…
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