Slow Meat Webinar Series

The conversation on good, clean, and fair meat continues in this series of webinars recorded in August of 2015. Speakers explored different aspects of the meat industry by relating their own experiences. You can find the recorded webinars below.

"Faith and Food"

The webinar series kicked off with a discussion on the intersection between faith and food moderated by Reasa Currier, Strategic Initiatives Manager at the Humane Society United States, with speakers:

  • Reasa Currier, Strategic Initiatives Manager at the Humane Society of the United States
  • Mike Callicrate, Catholic and owner of Callicrate Beef
  • Sarah Newman, blogger at Neesh Nosh: A Jewish Woman’s Year Long Journey to Discover Faith in Food
  • Deanne Thomsen, Faith Outreach Coordinator at the Humane Society of the United States

The panel addressed faith-based approaches to animal husbandry and faith community responses to factory farming.

Watch the recording of “Faith and Food” webinar here:

"Antibiotic-free Chicken, Beyond the Hype"

What is "antibiotic-free" chicken anyway? Gabriel Krenza, Strategic Advisor on Food Procurement at the NRDC, presented the answer to this question by discussing the differences antibiotics make in human health, animal welfare, and farm sustainability with:

  • Greg Gunthorp, farmer and owner of Gunthorp Farms
  • Suzanne McMillan, Farm Animal Welfare Campaign at the ASPCA
  • Kathy Lawrence, School Food Focus

Watch the recording of “Antibiotic-free Chicken, Beyond the Hype” webinar here:

"What’s in a Label?"

During our final discussion, experts covered different aspects of meat labeling regulation and food safety. In this talk, moderated by Angela Huffman, the Market Development Coordinator at The Humane Society of the United States, speakers:

  • Carrie Balkcom, American Grassfed Association
  • Andrew deCoriolis, Farm Forward
  • Urvashi Rangan, Consumer Reports
  • James Robinson, RAFI

explained how to separate the labels that are truly meaningful from those that are just empty words.

Watch the recording of "What’s in a Label?" webinar here:

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Five Steps from Field to Fork
Five Steps from Field to Fork