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California’s food system represents both our greatest hopes and the greatest challenges we face as a movement. Because of the size and scope of our food production, the changes that we make here can have impacts far beyond our own borders. To that end, we envision a Slow Food movement in California comprised of a network of highly motivated, active leaders committed to initiating and implementing projects that result in more good, clean and fair food for all. At the core of this work is the belief in the power of linking Californians’ shared enjoyment of good food to our shared responsibility to protect and support the food heritage, traditions, and culture that make this pleasure possible. The time has come for a powerful movement, rooted in the complexity and diversity of California and dedicated to both joy and justice, to come together around our tremendous potential to impact the national and global food system.

For 25 years, Slow Food has been on the cutting edge of making change in our food systems. Our greatest successes have come when building bridges between local and international, joy and justice, and tradition and innovation. In that spirit, we are all looking for new ways to work together that honor the traditions of Slow Food, but allow room for innovative new partnerships that can strengthen the whole.

In 2014 Slow Food USA began to roll out its five new regions as a way to strengthen bonds between members and the Slow Food movement that is local, regional, and international. Slow Food California is the first statewide chapter and part of the Pacific Region with Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Hawaii. As a Slow Food member living in California, you can connect to the chapter nearest you, start a new group, join in statewide projects, connect with national and international initiatives, and read our quarterly Slow Food California newsletter by following the links on this page.

Slow Food California has joined with Slow Food Mexico and Slow Food Central America and Ia Stephanie Tours to offer a travel opportunity to explore and discover Slow Food Presidia projects and the traditional Mexican cuisine recognized by UNESCO. Learn more about the Ark of Travel.

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Ark of Taste Resources

Slow Food California has assembled a list of resources related to its work on Ark of Taste products. You’ll be inspired as you find out about the philosophy behind the Ark; you’ll find information about products which have been boarded and about the requirements for products which you might want to board – and how to board them; and much, much more…

Meet the Slow Food California Inaugural Board

Tiffany Nurrenbern, President

Linda Elbert, Vice-President

Dominick Fiume, Treasurer
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Dominick Fiume’s path to Slow Food goes back to his roots in Reggio Calabria, Italy, where he was born. His family was among the many families who made their way to the U.S. to improve their lives, and with them came the seeds of tomatoes, beans, and other vegetables, as well as cuttings of fruit trees they had grown for generations. The family settled in Connecticut and continued to work the land, despite the dramatic difference in climate that had them wrapping layers of blankets around fig trees to protect them from the heavy winter chill. Dom left New England for Southern California to attend the University of California, San Diego, where he earned a degree in economics.

Today, Dom operates a boutique residential real estate brokerage in the area. A food advocate, he also rediscovered his farming heritage while also developing a passion for the Slow Food movement. A member since 2002, he is a co-founder of the thriving Slow Food Urban San Diego chapter, earned a Master Gardener certificate from the University of California, and is on both the Ark of Taste Committee and the California Food Policy Committee. Dom is back to raising vegetables from the seeds of his Italian relatives. At the family farm, he also tends old-growth olives, collects eggs from heritage hens, and is passionate about preserving cultural food traditions.

Charity Kenyon, Secretary
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Charity Kenyon was born in Berkeley, California and grew up in the East Bay. Her parents had black thumbs, but embraced Julia Child’s French Cooking and fine wine. A stint in Denmark as an exchange student followed by gardening classes under Alan Chadwick at UC Santa Cruz and meeting her (future) husband, Mike Eaton, underlie abiding interests in environmental protection and gardening. Charity joined Slow Food Sacramento in 2003 and has served as Event Committee Chair, Membership Director, and Chair of the Nominating Committee. Since July 2011, she has served as the Slow Food USA Governor for the Central Valley of California, Chair of the Policy Committee of the newly formed Slow Food California Region since 2012, and as an International Councilor representing Slow Food USA at International Council meetings since 2012. Charity has, with a group of Governors, spearheaded Slow Food advocacy on the Farm Bill and against genetically engineered foods and seeds. Charity and Mike own Kingbird Farms, a 5-acre farm in Southern Sacramento County where they grow fruits, vegetables and several Ark of Taste varieties for a 20-family CSA and one of Sacramento’s leading restaurants, as well as the local food bank. They are a WWOOF (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms) site that hosts young people from around the globe that are eager to learn more about organic growing techniques. Mike serves on the Slow Food California Regional Ark of Taste Committee. In 2012 Charity retired from her law practice, which emphasized First Amendment litigation and appeals.


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