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We grow community around school gardens by providing technical assistance, resources and partnerships to cultivate the next generation of healthy eaters of good, clean and fair food.

Slow Food USA's National School Garden Program (NSGP) aims to reconnect youth with their food by teaching them how to grow, cook and enjoy real food. Through increased confidence, knowledge gain and skill building, we want to empower children to become active participants in their food choices. By becoming informed eaters, today’s children will help make a positive impact on the larger world of food and farming well into the future.

The goal of the NSGP is to support local Slow Food chapters, volunteers, garden leaders, and teachers to become more effective in sustaining school garden programs in their community. We hope chapters will serve as a local school garden hub of important resources and volunteer assistance, as well as a connector that facilitates partnerships on the ground. The expansion of Slow Food USA’s National School Garden Program brings an abundance of resources, including curriculum and program ideas, to Slow Food chapters and schools across the country.  

Where are our gardens?


One of the keys to the long term success of school gardens is our ability to link lessons learned in the garden to the subject areas in the classroom. Basically, how can the school garden support the important academic areas taught by the teachers? In this section, we share many resources from Slow Food leaders that make that connection between the garden and the classroom. In particular, we feature the first publication of our anticipated Good, Clean and Fair School Garden Curriculum. We are thrilled to share the Good curriculum now that can be used by classroom teachers and garden leaders to teach Sensory Education and Kitchen Skills in the garden.
Slow Food USA is currently developing our Good, Clean and Fair School Garden Curriculum. "Good" means enjoying the pleasures of healthy and delicious food,"Clean" is gardening for sustainability, and "Fair" indicates producing food that respects economic and social justice.



Slow Food USA did a national search for grant opportunities related to school gardens and cooking classes. We have compiled a list of current grants and links to get more information. At the end of the section, we have included some templates from successful grant applications to serve as models for your own grant application.

Getting Started

Launching a garden program at your school requires lots of planning, research, meetings and gathering support. The concept of a school garden needs to be shared and marketed to the school community. A strong school garden team is necessary for leadership and vision for the overall project. In this section, we will provide Best Practices from Slow Food leaders on these various needs of a new school garden program. We will provide concrete examples of resources from Slow Food chapters that you can download and adapt for your project.

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