Give Better Meat a Sporting Chance

Tailgate Fist BumpSlow Food USA is getting in on the game – advocating for better meat and less meat in arenas and stadiums. When you consider the passions aroused by sports and by food, it only makes sense that Game Day has inspired some of the USA’s most iconic and unique food traditions, traditions we’re taking back from the industrial food chain.

We share the Green Sports Alliance’s assertion that public sporting events provide a valuable opportunity to introduce fans to sustainable food options. Stadium food is big business, and getting Slow Meat into sports venues will drive dollars to good, clean and fair meat producers.

Leading with taste and following with health, we will spread the word that there is a growing demand for quality meats to be served in arenas and stadiums. We look forward to local Slow Food communities staging Nose-to-Tailgating events outside of stadiums and forging ties with stadium chefs and management on the inside.

Our inaugural Nose-to-Tailgate at Met Life Stadium in November was a delicious success.

Plan your own Nose-to-Tailgate menu with recipes featured on our blog. We’re rallying our network for a collective day of Nose-to-Tailgating during the Superbowl on February 1, 2015 – join us!


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