Food for Change Meal

Raise Your Fork to Eat Food for Change!

Every year on December 10th, thousands of people around the world celebrate Terra Madre Day by gathering 'round good, clean and fair food. This year, we are focusing on Food for Change, showcasing how food is a delicious solution to climate change. Our everyday food choices have a huge impact on the planet. It's time to cook up a better future!

A healthy planet doesn't have to mean boring food. We are partnering with Camellia Beans and Meatless Monday to highlight delicious plant-forward dishes.

Will you join us? Here's how:


  1. Choose your bean. Camellia Beans are a New Orleans favorite and aligned with Slow Food. You can find Camellia in select stores, on their website, or on Amazon.
  2. Create a vegetarian dish with the beans and submit your recipe here.

Submit Your Food for Change Recipe


  1. Tell everyone that you're cooking and eating Food for Change! Invite your colleagues to a work potluck. Create a special event for your neighbors. Share your event details here or on the Facebook event
  2. Have fun and share photos on social media as you prepare for Dec 10! Use the hashtags #FoodForChange, #MeatlessMonday and #CamelliaBeans.
  3. Use our digital toolkit here for great social media graphics.


  1. Time to gather round! Share your photos on social media with #FoodForChange, #MeatlessMonday and #CamelliaBeans. 
  2. For chefs: feature this dish in your restaurant on Dec. 10 (Meatless Monday) and the rest of the week. Consider donating 50% or more of the sales to Slow Food USA.
  3. For Meatless Monday ambassadors and Slow Food chapters: host a Food for Change potluck or meal with this dish for your community, colleagues, or family.

Campaign partners

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