Garden to Cafeteria Webinar

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Garden to Cafeteria Webinar



Admission: Free

Join Slow Food USA and Whole Kids third Garden to Cafeteria Toolkit Webinar. This month focuses on Chapters 3 and 4 of the toolkit - Designing your District’s Protocols

A key resource of the Garden to Cafeteria Toolkit is a set of GTC protocols from other districts from across the country. This months webinar will cover chapters 3 and 4 of the GTC Toolkit. Your GTC team will review these sets of GTC protocols to select one, or a combination of many, that best represents the interests of the district. Chapter 4 leads your team through a series of meetings and discussions to tweak and design your own set of protocols.  In this webinar we will be joined by the GTC team from Hawaii Public Schools that have just completed their set of food safety protocols for the district to discuss their process for working with their state-wide working group.

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