Eat Nose-to-Tail

Plains to Plate with Buffalo GirlThe butcher, the chef, the rancher, the foodie, the environmentalist and the thrifty shopper all find a spot at the table when the menu is nose-to-tail. Over the last decade this trend has become a full-fledged movement, and with good reason…

  • Meat requires large amounts of energy to produce, yet in this country only a small fraction of meat available from each animal is valued for culinary purposes. By eating nose-to-tail we reclaim the value of these underloved cuts of meat, and show greater respect for the animals and humans that brought them to our plate.
  • Shopping for less-known cuts keeps artisanal butchers and the farmers they work with in business. This captures cash flow in your community, increasing material and cultural wealth.
  • Chefs are rediscovering cooking traditions from a time when every piece of an animal was precious, and valued accordingly. The rich broths, luscious pates and complex charcuterie they create are, in turn, inspiring new and exciting dining experiences.
  • You will find unexpected and underappreciated flavors and textures. What’s more, you’ll find these unjustly unloved cuts are very affordable.

Get Involved

  • Nose-to-tailgate: Game day noshing is a true American food tradition. Forget those canned weiners and join us in bringing delicious and unusual meats to the table by hosting your own Nose-to-Tailgate. Visit our blog and find recipes to get you started.
  • Offal Disco Soup: The Slow Food Youth Network hates wasted evenings and wasted food. Stay tuned for the organ-meat-centric iteration of their famous Disco Soup, coming winter 2015.
  • Find a great butcher near you with this map from The Butcher’s Guild.


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