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“Naturally Raised”

Jan. 28, 2008

Today is the final day to submit your comments to the USDA regarding their proposed label standard for meat as “naturally raised.” We’ve all been marveling for a long time now at the emptiness of a phrase like “natural.” When informed shoppers see that on food packaging they know that by this point it pretty much means nothing: a big zero.

The USDA label promises to be similarly hollow, referring only to the animals being hormone and antibiotic free. So, I guess if you think it’s “natural” for animals to be industrially farmed, then great! If not, please take the next few hours to register your disapproval.

Please Note: All Comments Must Reference “Docket No. LS-07-16” by writing at the top of the letter or email "Re: Docket No. LS-07-16"

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