Become a Meatless Monday Ambassador

Slow Food and Meatless Monday are joining forces to identify and support individuals to serve as Meatless Monday Ambassadors. Are you motivated to refrain from meat at least one day a week, and encourage others to do the same? We welcome home cooks, chefs, friends, city leaders and neighbors to influence the community around you.

Whether your passion is public health, climate change, biodiversity or animal welfare, we are assembling a team of Meatless Monday Ambassadors to encourage meat reduction practices for 2018-19. Join a community of like-minded individuals and support public health, environmental sustainability and biodiversity. Sign up today:


Meatless Monday Ambassadors

Campaign partners

What does this program involve? Actions like this:

  • Host at least one Meatless Monday meal in 2018 with those whom you know, who trust you, and who wish to unite in the joy and justice of food. Discuss the environmental and health benefits of reducing meat consumption, even for just one day a week.
  • Restaurants and chefs commit to offering and promoting Meatless Monday once a month (or more frequently). It’s important to note that Meatless Monday doesn’t mean meat can’t be served on Mondays. It can. Simply highlight the delicious plant-based options you already offer.
  • Share your weekly #MeatlessMonday recipes, images, and experiences on social media.
  • Engage in outreach to your community to secure Meatless Monday participants. Use the Meatless Monday Ambassador guides here
  • Collaborate with your local Slow Food chapter, especially during national and global Slow Food campaigns.
  • Provide your community with ongoing education and support of Meatless Monday to change the amount of meat people eat long term.
  • Commit to learning more about Meatless Monday by joining webinars, including an introduction, prep for the Fall 2018 global campaign #FoodForChange, and information sessions on research and best practices.

We have all of the resources and materials you need to get Meatless Monday started in your community. Download them for FREE!


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