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Yates Apple

The Yates Apple originated in 1844 in Fayette County, Georgia, an area that is now home to many orchards. They are traditionally used in ciders or desserts, and are often called Red Warrior Apples in the south. The fruit is sometimes stained red near the skin, and is very sweet. They store very well, and can therefore be eaten year-round.

The Yates Apple is a greatly underappreciated variety; its characteristics would play a vital role in recipes for ciders. With the recent apple cider revival in the United States, hard cider’s importance has increased within the Southeast region. Current popular hard ciders mostly don’t use traditional apples in their recipes, which would help add depth to the ciders. Two of the most popular hard cider producers in Virginia both use heritage apples, but in general finding a producer of cider that uses heritage apples is rare. It is essential to good cider to consider the flavors, which would be available within heritage apples, such as the yates apple.

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