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The American Rabbit

The American RabbitThe American Rabbit population is restricted to North America. Though it was developed in California, the rabbit quickly spread across the country and was a popular meat and fur rabbit up until the 1950s. It is now the rarest of rabbit breeds in America. Though originally known as the German Blue Vienna, this name was quickly changed to American Blue because of World War I.

The American Rabbit is a multi-purpose breed, developed for both meat and fur and characterized by an ideal mandolin body and a deep blue color. Americans are large rabbits with mature bucks weighing 9 -11 pounds and does 10-12 pounds.

The American RabbitThey are hardy breed and are docile in nature. The rabbit is known to be easily dressed and to have lean meat of high quality. When compared to commercial rabbit meat, it has been observed to produce less grease during cooking.

First image courtesy of Franco Rios, MFO Rabbitry
Second image courtesy of Crown2B Rabbitry

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