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Rio Oso Gem Peach

Prunus persica

The Rio Oso Gem peach was developed in Rio Oso, California, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains by William F. Yerkes. Yerkes originally selected the fruit in the mid 1920’s and introduced it to the public in 1933.

The Rio Oso Gem peach is large and round with yellow skin that has a bright red blush. The flesh is firm, and the meat has a coarser texture than other peaches. It is highly aromatic and juicy with a good tart finish.

The Rio Oso Gem is difficult to grow, as it bruises easily and drops from the tree as soon as it ripens. Consequently, growing this peach is only feasible for small growers who can keep an eye on every tree and sell to a local market.

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