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Livingston’s Golden Queen Tomato

Lycopersicon lycopersicum

Livingston’s Golden Queen TomatoLivingston’s Golden Queen tomato is a pale yellow medium-sized fruit that develops a pink blush on the bottom when ripe. According to Livingston, he examined a very pretty yellow tomato at a county fair. The grower gave him one and he took special care to preserve, test and improve it. After a number of years he introduced it and in 1882 gave it its current name to give it wider circulation. He called it the best flavored tomato in existence.

This tomato has a light fruity aroma and a nice thin skin. It is meaty with a nice acidity, leaving a little sting on the tip of the tongue and a long lingering finish. It slices very well. This tomato incorporates all the pleasures of a red tomato with a lovely golden color.

Photo courtesy of Gina Fiorillo

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