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Ivis White Cream Sweet Potato

Ipomoea Batatas

Even though sweet potatoes are usually thought of as southern crop, the Ivis White Cream sweet potato is produced in the northern parts of the US from upstate New York and Maine to the rainy Washington coast?all areas where growing sweet potatoes was previously thought impossible. The potato was originally obtained in 1989 from Dorothy Walters who lived in the mountains of eastern Tennessee where it had previously been grown for many decades. Given the name Ivis White Cream to honor Mrs. Walters' uncle Ivis, who had perpetuated the growth of this plant.

The Ivis tubers do not get very large. They have bright white skins, and cream-colored flesh with a moist texture that is not mushy. This unique sweet potato improves in flavor after having been stored for 3-4 weeks and is traditionally served baked.

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