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Correctly pronounced “gooey-duck", this name comes from the Nisqually American Indian people of Washington State. Who called the animals "Gwe-duk” meaning "dig-deep". Geoducks are among the longest-lived animals in the world, as many individuals live for more than 100 years. Geoduck clams are found throughout coastal British Columbia to depths of more than 110 meters. The clams are unique because of the length of their siphons – or necks – which is a feature that enables them to burrow so deeply.

The geoduck’s sweet flavor and crunchy texture reveal themselves best when the clam is eaten either raw – in sushi or sashimi – or very quickly cooked in a stir fry or hot pot. The body meat is very tender, however the siphon must be very thinly sliced when eaten raw and if eaten cooked it must be pounded out to become tender.

This profile will be expanded to include more historical and cultural information about this food and an explanation about modern production practices. There is a lack of consensus on sustainable methods in farming geoduck clams. The producers listed are working to ensure the sustainability of their products. We are committed to providing more information in the future to help consumers better understand the realities of shellfish aquaculture and other types of complex food production.

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