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Elephant Heart Plum

Prunus salicina

Elephant Heart PlumThe Elephant Heart Plum was developed in Sonoma County by Luther Burbank from his collection of Japanese plums in 1929. The Elephant Heart grows primarily in the California region of the US.

The plum has smooth skin that is unusually mottled like a russet pear. The flesh is a consistent dark ruby red, which is why it often bears the name, blood plum. When perfectly ripe, the meat is so juicy that it is more like a beverage than a fruit. The soft flesh is luscious with tropical and vanilla overtones. The fragrance is subtle, the flavors rich and distinctive. The skin has a tart, berry flavor.

The Elephant Heart plum is grown by some home gardeners and only a few fruit farmers – those with small farms that practice hand picking and packing.

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