Themes and Events

The Events

2014 will mark the tenth Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre, with this year's events bringing together more than 1,000 exhibitors from 130 countries, including over 300 Slow Food Presidia, chefs, farmers, fishers, eaters, authors, advocates, academics, artisans, international representatives from wine and gastronomy, and Slow Food’s network of small-scale producers and food communities on six continents. The packed program of conferences, taste workshops, classes and more combine to reveal the impacts our eating and consumption habits have on the welfare of the planet’s ecosystems, people and animals.

Terra Madre

refers to the conference or world meeting of food communities to address topics such as: climate change, population growth, animal welfare, food waste, land grabbing, and much more.

USA Regional Meeting at Terra Madre

All USA delegates to Terra Madre are encouraged to attend the USA Regional Meeting on Friday, October 24 from 12:00pm-2:30pm Turin Time. Any Slow Food USA members who will be in Turin for Terra Madre are also welcome — you do not have to be an official delegate to attend.


Full listings for conference workshops are translated in English at Don't forget Slow Food members (including Slow Food USA members) receive 50% off entrance tickets. Not a member? Join today. Can't find your member number or need a promo code? Email

Salone del Gusto

or “Hall of Taste” refers to the world’s largest food and wine fair, held concurrently with the Terra Madre conference. Booth by booth, dish by dish, thousands of small-scale food producers demonstrate the extraordinary diversity of food. Visitors have the opportunity to discover many of each country’s and region’s unique local products and cuisines — especially highlighting Slow Food’s Ark of Taste and Presidia projects to preserve rare and endangered foods and food practices.

Truly one-of-a-kind, Salone del Gusto includes a mind-boggling, stomach-grumbling more than two hundred cooking, mixology, and taste workshops. Through taste education, Salone del Gusto not only dazzles our taste buds but also brings us closer together as a planet: through sensory experiences that transcend all borders, our interconnectededness with people, animals, and plants around the world becomes tangible. It’s one thing to understand that interconnectedness in theory, and quite another to be in Turin and literally taste it. It is the thousands of local flavors manifested in Salone del Gusto that give what’s discussed in Terra Madre workshops and presentations acutely tangible meaning.

The Themes

Good, Clean and Fair Food For All

Every last one of the thousands of exhibitors at Salone del Gusto and delegates to Terra Madre first and foremost embodies the core principles of Slow Food's mission:

  • Good: Our food should be tasty, seasonal, local, fresh and wholesome.
  • Clean: Our food should nourish a healthful lifestyle and be produced in ways that preserve biodiversity, sustain the environment and ensure animal welfare — without harming human health.
  • Fair: Our food should be affordable by all, while respecting the dignity of labor from field to fork.
  • For All: Good, clean and fair food should be accessible to all and celebrate the diverse cultures, traditions and nations.

Family Farming

2014 has been declared by the United Nations to be the "International Year of Family Farming." Inextricably linked to national and global food security, family farming should be celebrated because it produces 80% of the food eaten by the Earth's population. What is eaten, note, not what is sold.

Agribusiness would love for us all to believe that an agricultural model based on monocultures, synthetic chemicals and mechanization is the sole antidote to world hunger. But even with a constantly growing population and an arable surface area unable to expand as urban and industrial areas proliferate, family farming continues to eradicate hunger and poverty, provide food security and nutrition, improve livelihoods, manage natural resources, protect the environment, and achieve sustainable development, in particular in rural areas. Slow Food believes family farming should not be seen as what will save the planet; it should be seen as what has so far stopped the planet from being lost. Read more »

Ark of Taste

Like a catastrophic flood, industrial agriculture and the homogenization of taste are wiping out many foods worldwide, along with the cultures they represent and the history that defines them. For example, of the more than 5,000 varieties of potatoes that existed in the past, today only four are commonly grown and consumed.

Since 1996, Slow Food's Ark of Taste initiative has catalogued and sought to preserve foods and food traditions that are at risk of extinction, including fruits, vegetables, animal breeds, cheeses, breads, sweets, and more. In Turin, the Oval arena will feature the individual stories and cases for preservation of more than 1,000 Ark products from over 60 countries. Read more »

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