Stories from a Slow Food Nation

For every fast-food franchise in this country, there is a family recipe, heirloom seed, deeply rooted tradition, or responsible business.

We are not a fast-food nation.

We are putting gardens in schools and saving ancient foods from extinction. We are not frozen hamburger patties and super-sized sodas. We are Manoomin wild rice and Tupelo Honey.

We are a Slow Food nation.

In the Name of Queens
A lot of crazy things happen beneath the surface of NYC. Most of them you don’t realize until they are pointed out. Case and point: a halal slaughterhouse down…
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Tater Tots and Headcheese: Joe Kwon’s Supper Club
Rockstar cellist Joe Kwon is serious about family, friends, headcheese, and as of late, tater tots. When not on the road with the Avett Brothers, Joe spends…
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Vargas Farm
Felix Vargas came to North Carolina as a teenage migrant worker. 30 years later, he is a U.S. citizen and runs his own farming operation. Vargas Farms grows a…
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Common Ground Farm
Supported by CSA (community supported agriculture) memberships and sales at farmers’ markets, Common Ground Farm’s mission is to help people of all ages learn…
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