Stories from a Slow Food Nation

For every fast-food franchise in this country, there is a family recipe, heirloom seed, deeply rooted tradition, or responsible business.

We are not a fast-food nation.

We are putting gardens in schools and saving ancient foods from extinction. We are not frozen hamburger patties and super-sized sodas. We are Manoomin wild rice and Tupelo Honey.

We are a Slow Food nation.

On A Northern Farm
An afternoon spent with Elissa and Mel Thau at their farm in Southern Oregon.
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A Fresh Catch
In the last three decades, declining fish stocks, rising fuel prices, and the increased regulation of the fishing industry have made it harder for small…
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Growing Cities
Growing Cities is an inspiring film about urban farming in America. It tells the stories of community activists, rooftop farmers, and backyard beekeepers who…
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I Am What I Ate
In the 1950s it was all about being American if you were 10 years old and desperately wanted to fit in with your peer group. All my friends, especially my…
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