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The EPA received our bees, here’s their response.

Aug. 12, 2011

Earlier this year, we called for immediate action on a pesticide that scientists believe is contributing to massive honeybee die-offs — and today we heard the EPA’s response.

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Farmarazzi/Ag-gag Update

Jul. 20, 2011

The “ag-gag” bills that cropped up in Iowa, Florida, Minnesota and New York are dead.

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2 sustainable seafood initiatives

Jul. 12, 2011

2 sustainable seafood initiatives worth checking out: combating invasive fish species and reforming the “catch shares” system.

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Making SNAP benefits go further at the farmers market

Jun. 21, 2011

A survey of some of the programs around the country that make SNAP benefits worth more when they are used at farmers markets.

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Food traditions grow young leaders in Hawaii

May. 27, 2011

Mahalo! Interview with Clare Loprinzi, school garden coordinator of Ke Mala ‘o ‘Ehunuikaimalino. Hers was one of 85 school garden run by Slow Food USA chapters to receive seed donations from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds this spring.

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