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College Students Learn Where Their Food Comes From (and Goes To)

Apr. 27, 2009

by Terra Madre 2008 delegate Annie Myers

Some projects are inspired by enthusiasm, some by curiosity, or morality, ambition, passion, friendship, or obligation. The inspiration for Radishes and...

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Meat and Morality

Apr. 21, 2009

The title of Nicolette Hahn Niman’s compelling new book, Righteous Porkchop, is honest, and indicates one of the book’s strengths—its exploration of the moral issues behind our...

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Free Range Pigs Won’t Kill Ya

Apr. 13, 2009

I’ll subtitle this post “How to look underneath a news story.” When I read the op-ed in the Times last week claiming that a new study has revealed that free range pigs are more likely than...

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Rare Breeds Recipe Contest

Apr. 8, 2009

Once raised by small-scale family farmers and bred for hardiness, survivability and FLAVOR, many heritage breeds have been lost to mass-market industrialization. Our RAFT alliance partner,...

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Ethics and Food Labels: What does the “kosher” label mean?

Feb. 11, 2009

by Slow Food USA intern Gabrielle Redner

Food labels such as Organic and Free Range are meant to provide us with some sense of security about our food, but sometimes it feels like the more I know...

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