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Cooking With California Food

Mar. 8, 2012

Slow Food Yolo co-leaders Georgeanne Brennan and Ann M. Evans new book details their efforts to cook in California school system with California foods.

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Inside Slow Food USA’s Youngest Chapter: Slow Food West High

Mar. 6, 2012

Four of the youngest leaders in the Slow Food movement walk us through how they founded a Slow Food chapter at their high school in Iowa City.

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Gravenstein Matters: Slow Food Chapter Saves Heritage Apple

Mar. 1, 2012

In Sonoma County, California, Slow Food Russian River has helped local growers bring a famed apple back into production.

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The Guardians of Ozette

Feb. 2, 2012

Originally from South America, the Makah Ozette Potato has been a staple of Pacific Coast Native Americans for over 200 years and his now being preserved through a partnership with Slow Food Seattle.

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