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Wisconsin Fourth-Graders Boycott School Lunch

Apr. 29, 2009

by Gordon Jenkins

Patricia Mulvey reports on the blog F is for French Fry that last Friday, a group of fourth-graders at Nuestro Mundo Elementary School in Madison, WI had planned to protest the...

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Getting Vocal about School Lunch

Apr. 28, 2009

The School Lunch conversation is heating up on the Hill and off. The New York Times ran an editorial on Monday saying “The schools should not be trading their students’ health to buy office...

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Building a Sustainable Community in Kentucky

Apr. 24, 2009

We sat down with Terra Madre 2008 delegate Jim Embry to discus his perspective on sustainability, movement building and networks, based on his work as a community organizer in Lexington, Kentucky....

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Towards More Sustainable Chocolate

Apr. 23, 2009

by Slow Food USA Intern Carol Dacey-Charles

As reported in the Washington Post, Mars, Inc. has partnered with the Rainforest certified by 2020. Apparently pressured by its rival Cadbury, who...

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Slow Food Atlanta Finds Power in Collaboration

Apr. 20, 2009

by Slow Food Atlanta Chapter Leader Judith Winfrey

Recently it seems like everybody is talking about food issues.  Thanks to the hard work of writers, farmers activists, and, of course, a...

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