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FOOD, Inc. Hits Theatres (and throws a punch at agribusiness, too)

Jun. 9, 2009

There are a bunch of sustainable food documentaries that have been kicking around our circles for a few years now. Some of them are very good--enlightening, celebratory, inspiring, damning. But...

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Summer Reading

Jun. 4, 2009

One of the great advents of the past few years has been “The Food Issue.” I’ve really enjoyed seeing magazines like The Nation, The New York Times, Yes magazine, Mother Jones, and The New Yorker...

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Slow Food USA Volunteers Get Down and Dirty on the Farm

May. 27, 2009

by Slow Food NYC Chapter Leader Sandra McLean

All over the country, Slow Food USA chapters are getting their hands dirty--whether by working on their own farms, or volunteering on other...

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Slow Food Portland Visits Local Farmworker Community

May. 6, 2009

By Slow Food Portland, Oregon Committee Member Patrick Leonard

On an early Saturday morning, along with a group from Slow Food Portland, I drove down the familiar I-5 corridor to visit a large,...

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Sam Kass Serving School Lunch to Congress Today

May. 5, 2009

by Gordon Jenkins

White House chef Sam Kass and a team of Chicago high school students are serving Congressional leaders a delicious, healthy meal on Capitol Hill today in order to brief...

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