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Place-based foods of the borderlands weather the economic downturn; not just for the elite

Jul. 24, 2009

By Gary Nabhan

This last week, I went out into the desert to find an old friend in her trailer-turned-artisanal kitchen. My friend is a Hispanic woman who lost her job after 9/11 in a...

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High School Students Share Summer’s Bounty

Jul. 22, 2009

by Heidi Busse

Madison, Wisc. – When students get to work in a garden, good things happen. An empty lot is transformed into edible fields, students learn job skills that connect them with...

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Catch my drift? With a gust of wind, an Iowa crop duster can squash an organic farm

Jul. 20, 2009

by Kurt Michael Friese (this post originally appeared on Grist)

Grinnell Heritage Farm is 152 years old. Andrew Dunham is the fifth generation of his family to work this land about 50 miles east...

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“Out on a Limb” Heirloom Apple CSA

Jul. 15, 2009

by Slow Food USA Biodiversity Intern Regina Fitzsimmons

"Why not go out on a limb? That’s where the fruit is."
- Mark Twain

This September, kitchens in Portland, Maine and the surrounding...

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The Longer the Wait, the Sweeter the Jam

Jun. 29, 2009

By David Buchanan, Slow Food Portland, ME

Last week I picked a perfectly ripe strawberry in the front yard, brought it into the kitchen and laid it on the table. Didn’t seem right to eat...

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