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Growing More Than Just Food at Growing Home

Jul. 25, 2012

A plot of land for $1?! A small investment by Chicago’s Growing home has been transformed into a full-scale organic urban farm & helped transform the neighborhood as well.

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Biodynamic: Taking our food to Organic and beyond?

May. 3, 2012

Real Time Farms Food Warrior, Lauren, explores biodynamic farming in her community.

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Humboldt Park’s Rooftop Revival

Apr. 18, 2012

A high school science project becomes a community mission for local food; leads to a cafeteria rooftop greenhouse and the community’s first produce market.

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Inside Slow Food USA’s Youngest Chapter: Slow Food West High

Mar. 6, 2012

Four of the youngest leaders in the Slow Food movement walk us through how they founded a Slow Food chapter at their high school in Iowa City.

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Youth Leadership in the Garden: Slow Food Boulder and Cultiva

Oct. 14, 2011

The Cultiva Youth Project and Slow Food Boulder have teamed up with Anolon Cookware to provide top-notch cooking education and leadership opportunities in North Boulder. Here, teens get to cook and eat together, as well as learn from their peers. And, of course, brand new cookware doesn’t hurt!

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