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Q&A with Gabrielle (Gigi) Di Bernardo

Aug. 6, 2012

The first installment in our “Food and Farming Spotlight” features 10 year-old leader, Gigi Di Bernardo on how youth are improving the food system.

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Mile High Partnership is Growing Produce for Pantries

Aug. 2, 2012

Slow Food Denver partners with local organizations to increase availability of garden grown produce in local food pantries

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Giving Food a Central Role in the 'Dialogues'

Jul. 28, 2012

What do “The Central Role of Food", Slow Money, and "The Food Dialogues” have in common? Stephanie Georgieff went to Los Angeles to find out.

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Collaboration makes us stronger: Slow Food Philadelphia’s Collaboration Luncheon

Jul. 3, 2012

Slow Food Philadelphia’s collaboration luncheons bring local organizations together over a meal to meet, greet, and discuss ways to work together towards common goals.

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