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When It Comes to Kids, Change Can’t Wait

Jun. 23, 2009

Gordon Jenkins is the Time for Lunch Campaign Coordinator at Slow Food USA

Last week, Michelle Obama made these remarks to a group of fifth-graders who had just harvested 73 pounds of lettuce...

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Universal Lunch Poised to Move Beyond Philly

Jun. 16, 2009

by Slow Food USA Interns Alex Tung and Leah Gorham

This week, the front line for getting better food into schools is Philadelphia.

After narrowly escaping the closure of its school breakfast...

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Philadelphia and its Universal Feeding Program

Jun. 8, 2009

A few weeks ago it was reported that the feds planned to discontinue Philadelphia’s universal lunch program. For some of us, this was news--all kids in public school in Philadelphia qualify for a...

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Turns out, kids love pizza

Jun. 5, 2009

Deborah Lehmann is an editor of School Lunch Talk, a blog about school food. She is currently studying economics and public policy at Brown University.

They say you can lead a horse to water,...

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Cooking for Dummies

Jun. 3, 2009

Interesting NY Times Op-Ed from Amanda Hesser last Sunday about Michelle Obama missing an opportunity to talk up cooking.

Our first lady has been an outstanding champion of fresh fruits and...

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