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Snobs or Saviors? Slow Food Must First Save Itself

Sep. 15, 2007

Renee Ciulla, an organic farmer in Montana, has written an interesting and well researched piece on on the Slow Food Movement, inspired in part by her trip to see founder Carlo Petrini...

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Al Capone Drank Here: The Rebirth of Templeton Rye

Sep. 14, 2007

By Kurt Michael Friese
It was the Jazz Age, a time of speakeasies, gangsters and bathtub whiskey. Railroad cars crossed the country carrying hobos and the occasional load of table grapes with...

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Slow Food in Northern Louisiana

Sep. 14, 2007

Slow Food NOLA has a new little sister
Wait a minute.
Don’t go so fast.

Join the Slow Food movement.
Slow Food of North Louisiana will hold its first chapter meeting — or convivium — from...

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Slow Food USA Sings Along at Farm Aid

Sep. 12, 2007

For 22 years, Farm Aid has been traveling the country and making music to support family farms. Last Sunday, Farm Aid hit New York City, giving NYC the chance to show its love for farmers and to...

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Food Recalls: Simply Another Reason to Go Slow

Aug. 27, 2007

The folks in Florida have noticed the wisdom of eating locally:
Rat poison in pet food from China. E. coli in bagged spinach from California. Peanut butter tainted with salmonella from Nebraska....

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