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Deconstructing Dinner

Oct. 4, 2007

“Deconstructing Dinner” is a Canadian radio show that metaphorically roots through your trash and examines your meal scraps.
As they explain:
"[Our present] lifestyle of convenience leaves very...

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Market Musings

Oct. 3, 2007

Close your eyes a moment. Imagine the open road on a long drive before sunset, sleepy eyed, towing a back breaking, albeit glorious load of just-picked produce, only to find that a neighboring...

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Cooking Light Cites “5 Healthy Food Trends,” and Slow Food is One

Oct. 3, 2007

The healthy food magazine Cooking Light has published an article naming healthy food trends that “are here to stay,” and our humble little organization is one of’em:
Slow food
Launched in Italy...

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Boarding the Ark

Oct. 3, 2007

On Sept 15 and 16, the US Ark-Presidia Committee (APC) members from around the country came together in Madison, WI to review, taste and board new foods to the Ark of Taste.
The Ark of Taste is a...

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ABCNews' take on the “Biennial Cheese Orgy”

Oct. 2, 2007

Here’s what ABC News travel correspondent Phoebe Natanson had to say about Cheese, Slow Food’s festival of fermentation held every odd-numbered year in Bra, Italy:
A cheese fiend since childhood,...

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