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Note from the HR Department

May. 16, 2008

The Board of Slow Food USA is seeking to fill a new staff position at SFUSA, that of President. The complete posting can be found here, after the jump, as well as on other job sites such as...

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The Mobile Slaughter Facility, Up Close (Part 4)

May. 16, 2008

by Slow Food USA staffer Jerusha Klemperer
Throughout March and April we covered the Island Grown Farmers Cooperative, in the San Juan Islands, and its USDA certified mobile slaughter facility. ...

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Farm Bill Passes in House…Senate next?

May. 15, 2008

Yesterday the (Food and) Farm Bill passed in the House and is poised to pass in the Senate today. As we mentioned last week, Bush is ready to veto but the numbers in the House vote suggest that...

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Chicago Lifts Foie Gras Ban

May. 15, 2008

In the New York Times Dining section today, I read this:
Chicagoans can feast on foie gras once more. The Chicago City Council just repealed the ban on its sale that it put in place two years...

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Food Deserts

May. 8, 2008

by Slow Food USA staffer Julia DeMartini Day
While the United Nations discusses desertification in drought-plagued areas of the developing world, an article in Monday’s NY Times brought our...

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