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What belongs in a farmers market?

Aug. 14, 2008

Stuff from farms, right? Ahhhh, if only it were so simple! Even within the most regulated, strict, and authentic farmers market, there are items that might not be quite what (or from where) they...

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Aug. 13, 2008

by Slow Food USA blog editor, Jerusha Klemperer
Last week, New York magazine–the augurer of trends in these five boroughs–declared the era of the “starmer,” farmers worshipped by their...

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Everyone’s talking about Slow Food Nation!

Aug. 13, 2008

As we ramp up for the big event, there’s been lots of great coverage:
What to Do and Where to Eat: Check out this handy highlight guide from 7× The best part? The...

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Culinate Youth Food Awareness Campaign

Aug. 8, 2008

Wanna mold young minds? Simply by signing up for a newsletter, you could help send a youth delegate all the way to Italy to discuss sustainable foodways with 6,000 other people from around the...

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Global Food Politics

Aug. 7, 2008

2 interesting articles on the global food system caught our eye–would love to hear your thoughts on each.
The shipment of 450 pounds of California Strawberries to China, for the Olympians–what...

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