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More supermarket politics?

Jul. 14, 2008

The mainstream media likes to make a lot out of what our presidential frontrunners eat (usually beginning with “As Brillat-Savarin once wrote, "You are what you eat…” True, yes, but...

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Weekend Links

Jul. 11, 2008

It’s hot out there. Should you need to take a break from your gardening, farming, grilling, etc. this weekend, you can sit down at your computer with an ice cold lemonade and and check out the...

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Delicious Revolution: a Conservative Cause?

Jul. 10, 2008

by Slow Food USA staffer and blog editor, Jerusha Klemperer
Check out this thoughtful article from The American Conservative magazine. Its embrace of Slow Food may be surprising to some, but...

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A Not-So-Secret Garden

Jul. 9, 2008

To add to yesterday’s post about planting an edible garden on the White House lawn:
Roger Doiron, over at Kitchen Gardeners International (whom we wrote about earlier this year) also has a...

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Riding Coattails

Jul. 8, 2008

The main civic garden on our minds these days is the Victory Garden being planted on the front lawn of City Hall in San Francisco, for Slow Food Nation. However, there’s a group out there that...

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