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Uprising Seeds

Sep. 17, 2008

by Slow Food staffer Julia De Martini Day

Brian Campbell from Uprising Seeds flew from Northern Washington State to San Francisco to attend Changemakers' Day at Slow Food Nation, and to be...

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Sep. 16, 2008

This month’s Gastronomica magazine has a fascinating article on the prison phenomenon of “spread.” It’s only available in print, so I do recommend --if you’re not a subscriber already-- hitting...

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Rising Tides, Sinking Catch

Sep. 16, 2008

by Leigh Belanger, Chefs Collaborative

For everyone trying to purchase, prepare, and eat good clean and fair food, navigating the ocean waters can be a tricky proposition. Wild fish populations...

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Local Food News from North Carolina

Sep. 16, 2008

Two recent articles out of North Carolina caught our eye.

The first, from the Citizen-Times in Asheville, is about the new crop of farmers in the state: Latinos. As the article puts it, “Latinos...

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A Meeting about Meat

Sep. 10, 2008

Consumers (ahem, co-producers) are getting wiser about meat.

They are asking questions about where it comes from, how it was raised, and how it was killed. They are demanding grass-fed beef and...

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