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Who Moved My (Fill in the Blank)?

Jul. 22, 2008

One day one of our staff members brought in a bottle of name brand apple juice she’d been given at a conference that morning. The label read: “these apples are from….” and then listed SIX...

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Gardens and Ranchers et al

Jul. 17, 2008

Some Thursday links for your all:

Slow Food Nation’s Victory Garden is complete and it’s beautiful. And Alice Waters talks up the street food section of the event.
But can edible gardens save our...

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Burritos and Bottled Water

Jul. 16, 2008

by Slow Food USA intern Sara Hoffman
Two items recently caught my eye and seem connected–big companies making efforts to make their practices sustainable. But are they going far enough?
1. The...

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Buying the Farm

Jul. 15, 2008

An email that farmer David Perkins from Wisconsin shared with us about the flood damage on his property articulates perfectly the importance of the concept of a co-producer.
Here’s what David...

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Jul. 14, 2008

The fact that undocumented workers are:
a) indispensible to several industries in this country, especially food and
b) working in horrible conditions
is becoming impossible to ignore, or at least...

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