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Stalking my Stomach

Oct. 19, 2009

Eating is something I take very seriously - and so is the concept of memory.  Yet in spite my love of eating, I often have a hard time remembering what I ingest - even just a day or two later.


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Vote for Slow Food Charlotte to receive a $20,000 grant!

Oct. 14, 2009

Slow Food Charlotte is working with Friendship Trays to build an educational and demonstration garden which will be used by the Community Culinary School to teach and supplement the...

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A personal take on “Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food”

Oct. 9, 2009

by communications intern Becca Stanger

When I began deliberately shopping for groceries almost exclusively at my local farmers market, I took great pride in my decision.  I imagined myself...

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“Pay what you can” membership extended with a matching grant!

Oct. 5, 2009

by director of development Kate Krauss

Wow. It’s been a pretty exciting few days.

Our September membership drive—where we waived our traditional $60 membership fee—was a huge...

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Fashionable Foraging becomes Heedless Harvesting

Oct. 1, 2009

by biodiversity intern Alaine Janosy

Foraging, the practice of gathering wild foods for their nutritional or medicinal value, is something humans have done since the beginning of time. It is the...

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