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Shrek and Scooby Doo too linked to childhood obesity

Jun. 28, 2010

by intern Khalilah Ramdene

A recent study by the Rudd Center at Yale University found that children prefer foods branded with cartoon characters, often citing those foods as better tasting then...

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Got Justice? Madison Anti-trust Workshop

Jun. 25, 2010

The third of the Department of Justice/USDA Anti-trust workshops is underway in Madison, WI, as we write this. Last night, as in Ankenny Iowa a few months ago, there was a town hall held the...

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Top Chef takes on school lunch

Jun. 24, 2010

by intern Christine Binder

When I heard that Sam Kass, White House assistant chef and Food Initiative Coordinator, was going to be the guest judge on Bravo TV’s Top Chef this week, I knew this...

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What’s for lunch: Cheetos with cheese?

Jun. 19, 2010

Recently, Slow Food USA President Josh Viertel visited with some high school students in California, one of whom shared with him the gory tale of hot Cheetos with melted cheese on top. In a bag....

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The Assault on Salt

Jun. 14, 2010

by intern Christine Binder

Over the past few months, there’s been a lot of talk about reducing the amount of salt in the U.S. food supply. Government officials, NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg, and the...

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