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Reflections on two decades of Slow travel

May. 9, 2012

Peggy Markel reflects on her years of connecting food, culture, people and travel with the principles of Slow Food.

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Biodynamic: Taking our food to Organic and beyond?

May. 3, 2012

Real Time Farms Food Warrior, Lauren, explores biodynamic farming in her community.

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A Summer Tending to the Vines

Apr. 27, 2012

Looking for a more tangible connection to her food, Lizzy spent a summer Wwoofing in Sonoma County, CA and found a food system based on quality and community.

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A Garden For All Seasons

Apr. 6, 2012

The Thousand Gardens in Africa project has already engaged 608 communities in developing sustainable food plots. Through funding from Slow Food’s international network, 561 gardens have been adopted so far.

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Leveling the Local Food Playing Field

Mar. 29, 2012

By any measure, the local food movement is booming with everyone from Wall Street execs to start up non-profits getting involved. But how can you tell if your food is truly local?

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