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This week’s Food News

May. 28, 2010

by intern Christine Binder

The Food Movement, Rising – New York Review of Books
Michael Pollan’s epic essay charting the emergence and character of the food movement.

Oil reaches Louisiana...

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Congressman Michael Arcuri eats lunch with New York students

May. 26, 2010

by intern Christine Binder

On Friday, May 7th, Congressional Representative Michael Arcuri stood in the lunch line and thanked the school lunch ladies for his meal along with the 5th grade...

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A honey of an excursion: O'ahu

May. 26, 2010

by Rike Weiss

Tucked away in the foothills of the Ko`olau mountain range on the lush windward side of O`ahu, the apiary and honey house in Wai`ahole Valley were the destination for a Slow Food...

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Campus chapter learns to hand-pound taro

May. 7, 2010

by Gida Snyder, head of the SFOC chapter at Kapiolani Community College

hand-pounded taro or pa`i`ai, (essentially poi before water is added to thin it out.)

Daniel Anthony, Mana `Ai’s...

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Students on the rise: “lets get CoFed”

Apr. 30, 2010

by Yonatan Landau

Think of the last time you saw something that pissed you off enough to do something amazing about it.  Maybe it was a long grocery line or a bumper sticker for the Tea Party,...

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