Leader Resources

Leader Resources is where local Slow Food leaders can find tools and information that support their work in their communities. Below are toolkits to help you organize around Slow Food’s themes, information for past and upcoming leader calls, tools to help you govern your local chapter and more. This page will be updated as new materials for local leaders become available, so check back often.

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Together we are building a world of good, clean, and fair food for all!

National Calendar

To see what the national office is up to, check out the calendar below. It will be updated periodically. Note that the times reflect the US Eastern Time zone.

Monthly Leader Links

Bring national and international campaigns to your community, take advantage of exclusive opportunities to spread the Slow Food message, and get access to promotional and educational materials by signing up for our monthly Leader Links email.

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Leader Calls

Leader Calls engage our leaders on a variety of topics throughout the year.

Click below for recordings of previous calls.


April 2016 Leader Call: Strategic Direction Part Three

On this call we discussed Slow Food’s approach to partnerships and how they are key to our success moving forward.

March 2016 Leader Call: Strategic Direction Part Two

On this call we discussed Slow Food’s approach to campaigning and how we see it developing as a central element of our national work.

February 2016 Leader Call: Strategic Direction Part One

This call discusses Slow Food's theory of gathering, the role of gathering as a central aspect of Slow Food USA's strategic direction, and details of the delegate application process for Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2016.Read the call notes here.

January 2016 Leader Call: Strategic Planning Outcomes and Strategic Direction

This call gives a summary of the strategic planning process and an overview of the strategic direction that will begin to shape our work as a national association.(visual presentation starts about 12 minutes in)

November 2015 Leader Call: Strategic Planning Process Interim Findings

Due to technical difficulties, this recording begins just after an overview of the work accomplished in gathering data that is shaping the strategic plan. For a detailed overview of that process, listen to the previous call (below) from 04:50 minutes to 17:00 minutes.

October 2015 Leader Call: Strategic Planning Process Overview

September 2015 Town Hall Call with Alice Waters and Dan Barber

For more recordings, visit our YouTube channel.


Guides for bringing Slow Food USA’s themes to your community.

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How to Recruit Members
Seven simple steps to convince people to become members of Slow Food.

SFUSA Tips for Effective Events
Plan local Slow Food events like a pro with this brief how-to

Terra Madre Day Guide for Organizers and Digital Assets
Join the global network in celebrating December 10th, the day Slow Food Manifesto was signed!

Meatlesss Mondays Toolkit
As part of the Slow Meat campaign, help your community to go meatless one day a week.

Slow Fish Workshop Guide
Connect your community with its fishers by hosting a workshop.

Ark of Taste Toolkit
Join the champions of biodiversity in protecting our endangered foods.

Promotional Materials

Share the Slow Food message with your community and grow our grassroots network.

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Talking About Slow Food
Nail your elevator pitch every time.

Slow Food Logo Code of Use
Be sure you know where and when it’s ok (or not) to put a snail on it.

Email Sign-Up Form for Tabling and Events
The first step in growing the Slow Food movement is bringing people in!

Ordering Buttons
Pick your favorite of these proofs, then place your order through the Pure Buttonswebsite.

Digital Assets
Fancy up your Facebook page or use these images to create Slow Food swag.

National School Garden Program One-Pager
A basic overview of the program. Find out more about the program at its dedicated website.

Presentation on Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2016
A bit of history on Slow Food’s flagship, global gathering — and a lot of looking ahead. Find out more about the event at here.

Membership Postcard
A 6x9 PDF that you can take to a printer to have printed.

Membership Form (Printable) for Chapters
A place to collect information about new members you’ve recruited in one place before you send it to the national office to be processed.

Chapter Administration

Important guides and forms for new and existing chapters.

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Chapter Checklist
A quick cheat sheet for chapter goals and responsibilities.

Chapter Leader Update Form
Use this online form to inform the Slow Food USA national office about a newly elected leader or make updates to a current leader’s contact information.

Chapter Handbook
Your guide to the administrative side of running a local chapter.

Slow Food on Campus Organizer Handbook
Students can be a powerful force of social change towards good, clean and fair food! Here’s how.

Guide to Filing Chapter Taxes
Don't fear the filing! Simple instructions for the simple process of filing you chapter taxes.

Slow Food’s International Fundraising Guidelines
The fundraising code of conduct for all Slow Food affiliated associations, chapters, and projects.

Annual Chapter Reporting

The deadline for chapters to submit their 2015 annual reports was February 15, 2016. This information will be synthesized and presented in a 2015 Slow Food USA Chapters Report later this year.

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If you missed the deadline and would still like to complete a report on behalf of your chapter, please call the Slow Food USA offices at 718-260-8000.

Get an overview of the work our chapters do; read the summary of the2014 Annual Chapter Report

Chapter Email Accounts

Chapter Email Accounts are the official communication route from Slow Food USA to our network of chapters. You should check this account regularly, as it is where all official chapter communication will be sent from the national office, including:

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  • Annual Report URLs
  • Leader Links (we will still continue sending this to personal addresses as well)
  • Membership Lists
  • New tools and updates
  • Tax Information

If you’re having trouble logging into you chapter email account, send a note to

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