Food Communities

Slow Food Youth Network

Slow Food Youth Network (SFYN) connects energetic, young Slow Food members around the globe. By sharing ideas and solutions that uphold the Slow Food philosophy that food should be good, clean and fair for all, SFYN leaders are inspiring change in how we produce and consume our food on the local and international level.

SFYN is seeking nominations from Slow Food Youth members in the USA who wish to attend We Feed the Planet in Milan, Italy on October 3-6, 2015. Combining good food, dancing and education, this gathering of young farmers and advocates will enjoy both a festival (music, food, films) and an academy (lectures, workshops, hackathon). Delegates will return home with solidarity, skills and a renewed sense that not only is food the future but the youth are the future. For more details, download the documents below:

  • We Feed the Planet One-Pager (747kb PDF) Download
  • We Feed the Planet Nomination Form (50kb .DOCX) Download
    Deadline for nominations is rolling

Through events, such as the Schnippel Disko/Disco Soupe, Eat-in and Food Films Festival in Amsterdam, SFYN is reducing food waste, celebrating food culture/taste and championing sustainability. Read more...

Disco Soup

Slow Food Chefs Alliance

Conscientious chefs from across the globe have pledged themselves as Slow Food allies. Whether practicing their art in Michelin starred restaurants, food trucks, neighborhood cafes or festival tents, these chefs show their support by working with foods listed on the Ark of Taste, protected by Presidia or produced by local farmers and artisans.

We ask chefs to draw attention to the producers by including information about them on their menus and in their restaurants. At times the alliance is made visible through collective days of action, such as the “Have a Heart Dinner” on Valentine’s Day 2015 in support of Slow Meat. If you would like to take part, contact

The alliance is also active in the Netherlands, Morocco and Italy. Read more...

Chef slicing steak at Slow Meat 2015 Dinner

Terra Madre Network in the U.S.

Translated from Italian to English, Terra Madre means “Mother Earth.” And for those who see good, clean, and fair principles as part of the recipe for a better world, it is about practicing Slow Food values with a global consciousness and citizenship. It is an opportunity to realize and connect to the diverse food and farming communities, histories, cultures, struggles and solutions here in the U.S. and worldwide. Read more...