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Watching children’s eyes light up in delight after biting into a juicy, just-picked tomato or chomping on some sweet watermelon they grew is remarkably heartwarming.

Many kids aren’t exposed to gardening or fresh vegetables at home, so having a program that draws students into the garden at school is important – and incredibly powerful.

That’s why I believe school gardens are the most important investment that Slow Food makes with your support.

In our school, we have taken the excitement around our garden to the next level. Since the Slow Food values we teach include the commitment to reducing waste, we partnered with the Denver Zoo to supply excess produce to the animals. Doing this also allowed us to demonstrate to children just how tasty greens can be (even kale!) for animals and humans alike.

Your Membership Matters

Please, make more of these experiences possible in 2014 with your
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Children learn best through everyday experiences. From starting the seeds to harvesting and delivering the produce to the Denver Zoo Commissary, the kids truly do it all. They develop a sense of pride and accomplishment when they take ownership – and gain a greater appreciation for the role fresh food plays in the health of all living things.

The way children eat dictates the future health of our country. Properly cultivated, these values can mature into sustainable patterns of living.

We can only do this with your financial support. Please, invest in the future of food with your donation today.

Sonja McMurray

Sonja McMurray
Garden Coordinator
Bradley International School

P.S. Donations to Slow Food USA are 100% tax-deductible. Make your contribution before midnight on December 31.

Slow Food USA

“Being a part of the school garden program has been nothing short of amazing. Having the opportunity to bring our own children to the garden to meet our friends and work in the sun has brought unexpected gifts. The friendships we have formed within our community will be life-long. Everything about the garden brings joy.
The kind of happiness that fills my soul.”

— Jill Cunningham, Bradley International School Parent Volunteer

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