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National School Garden Project

Every child deserves to grow up knowing where food comes from, how to grow it, cook it and share it, and how to be healthy. Our local chapters and members build and maintain school gardens, lead cooking classes and work to improve school lunches. Together, they have taught over 200,000 students where food comes from and how to grow, harvest and enjoy it.

Slow Food in Schools in Chicago

Slow Food USA School Garden Manual

From design, implementation and curriculum to fundraising, volunteers and school policy, this comprehensive “how to” guide offers a clear roadmap for developing a successful school garden program in any community, based on Slow Food values:

Good, Clean and Fair

“Good” food that is delicious and healthy for the body; “clean” food that is sustainably grown without chemical pesticides; and “fair” food that provides reasonable compensation for those who grow and prepare the food.

Access, Taste and Joy

Grow fresh food where processed and/or fast foods are prevalent, with an emphasis on seasonality (for best flavor) and camaraderie in growing, preparing and sharing the food.

Biodiversity, Culture and Traditions

Emphasis placed on growing foods that are at-risk of extinction, as well as demonstrating respect for local food cultures and protecting these traditions.

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